Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Here comes the Mobile robotic printer from ZUtA Labs

Imagined about the Mobile printing and the small printer you can carry wherever you go? If yes then here is the product that meets exactly your imagination.
Finally a mobile printer is coming, which is very much portable.

When you are outdoors , You dont need to search for printing place to print your documents now. Here is the product which you can carry with you and print from your Mobile and PC. This mini robotic printer runs with the rechargeable battery and can be connected with other devices with Bluetooth and USB connection.

ZUtA Labs Ltd has come up with this small robotic printer. This pocket printer can print in any size of paper. As it has wheels and can move to the whole part of the paper . And if you have multiple papers to be printed , this printer notifies to change the paper. This supports Android, IOS, Linux, OSX, Windows operating systems.

As per the dimensions , it is 10 centimeters in height and 11.5 centimeters in diameter and weighs about 300 grams. Device is made of polycarbonate and battery of Lithum Polymer which lasts upto 1 hour of full charge.

This printer has print speed of 1.2 ppm and has one black cartridge. You can get this product in two colors - Mars black and Titanium white.
 You can find information and detail of  their project and you can also get it in its Kickstarter's project.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nokia's tiny portable Speaker : MD-12 Speaker

Looking for a tiny portable speakers that you can carry with you all day with great sound quality?

Then Nokia's Portable speaker MD-12 will be the best choice for you. As it weighs less and and is small in size with great sound quality , it can be the best speaker for playing music and other media from your smartphone.

Basically this speaker is Bluetooth supported and you can connect your smartphones with the speaker and listen the music and if you device lacks Bluetooth then you are provide the connection cable through which you can connect your device with it.

Speaker has Chargeable battery that lasts about 15 hrs and also there is NFC enabled which helps to connect your device through it also. Speakers is available in different colors. You can get yellow, green, orange and white color choices.

This speaker is priced about 54$(€39) , you can find more information of this in  Nokia's official article here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HTC comes up with a new Smartphone - HTC One M8

HTC recently launched its new smartphone HTC One M8 in the US market. This HTC's new smartphone has solid Aluminum body of dimension 46.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm and weighs about 160 grams. This smartphone features a 5 inched full 1080p HD screen display , quad core processor and latest version of Android OS KitKat (4.4). 

This smartphone has a Dual front-facing HTC BoomSound speakers which produces a brilliant sound and also has a great camera of 4 ultra pixel rear facing camera and 5MP  front facing camera, which clearly shows this smartphone can be best for all the photographers who loves to capture the images with smartphone. Talking about the battery, it has embedded 2,600mAh battery.  It requires a Nano Sim.

This smartphone will be available in two memory options 16GB and 32GB with 2GB of RAM and of three colors : Gray, silver, rose gold.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The OUYA re-ignites the relationship between gamer and bedroom developer

I still remember the day that I was given a Sinclair Spectrum +2 for Christmas. I still credit (or blame, depends on your perspective) the Spectrum for inspiring me to become a software developer.

There were a number of great things about the Sinclair Spectrum.

Premium games cost around the £7 mark but there were hundreds of budget titles released by Codemasters, Mastertronic and Activision.

You could buy Spectrum games absolutely everywhere from the local newsagent to the high street chemists.

I rarely ever felt cheated after handing my £1.99 over to the shop keeper as the games were usually very good including titles such as Fantasy Land Dizzy, BMX Simulator and Ghostbusters.

Another great feature of the Sinclair Spectrum was that I was able to learn and develop my own software for it and other people were as well and this led to the revolution of the bedroom developer producing great quality games.

The graphics on the Spectrum may not have been up to much but it inspired the games developers to be creative and gameplay mattered a lot more than pixel perfection.

Over the course of time games consoles have produced bigger and better titles with outstanding graphics, music scores, actors and storyboards.

For me though the best games don't need great graphics, they just need to have good controls and an addictive quality. This for me is why so many people are happy to play games on their Android devices.

Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush don't have anything special in terms of graphics but they are addictive. You can learn the controls in minutes but the games are incredibly challenging.

With the introduction of Android devices the bedroom developer has returned and thousands of games have been produced for Google's Play store.

The OUYA brings together the bedroom developer and the casual gamer.

Let's get this straight. The OUYA is not an XBOX One and it isn't the Playstation 4. It doesn't try to be. If you like games such as Halo and Grand Theft Auto then the OUYA might not be for you.

If you like games like Lemmings and Bubble Bobble then the OUYA will be right up your street.

Since its release the OUYA hasn't exactly set the world alight but I think it is one of those devices that is just misunderstood.

There are now over 700 games available and there are emulators for a large number of classic consoles including the NES, SNES, Megadrive, Atari 2600, Amiga, Nintendo 64, Playstation One and NeoGeo.

The OUYA comes with an XBOX style controller and it makes playing the games very comfortable.

The games themselves are wide and varied and like the Sinclair Spectrum from the 1980s there is some hit and miss as to the quality of the titles available. Unlike the Spectrum days though you get to try before you buy.

Those of you that have the OUYA will already appreciate some of the better titles such as Bombsquad, Towerfall and Grand Truckismo. There are some other hidden gems though. My own personal favourite is Lazy Caverns which is a clone of the Spectrum classic, Manic Miner.

The price point for games on the OUYA varies but unlike the XBOX and Playstation you won't be paying £40, £30 or even £20 for games. Many titles are below £3 and some are even free.

The OUYA isn't just for gamers though. The OUYA is for developers as well. If you have ever wanted to write games for a proper games console then the OUYA makes it easy for you to do so.

Learn one of the following methods for writing games and then use the OUYA development kit to get your game working for the OUYA:

  • Adobe Air
  • Android
  • Construct 2
  • Corona
  • Game Maker
  • Marmalade
  • Multimedia
  • Fusion 2
  • LibGDX
  • Monogame
  • Unreal
  • Unity
You could be responsible for the 21st century version of Match Day, Jet Set Willy or Auf Wiedersehen Monty.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gamehook GH101 - A gaming controller for your Android device

Gamehook's new controller - Gamehook GH101 makes it easier for all those who loves to play games on their smartphones. Gaming is not that much good in touch screen so this controller helps to combine your Android Smartphone and the Dualshock 3 controller to make a gaming powerhouse. This is light weighted device and comes up with the Micro-Mini USB Cable which will allow your phone and the controller to work together. This is very portable and you can carry where ever you want and play games.

Buy it here.  Referred from Redferret